Tips for Saving Money on a Rental Car

Hiring a car while on vacation or if you are traveling to another city on business can be an expensive exercise, unless you do your homework and take advantage of ways to save money on a rental car, enabling you to enjoy your independence, see the sights and enjoy the ability to go where you want, when you want at a moment’s notice.

One of the most important factors you must take into consideration when looking for affordable rental car solutions is to watch out for hidden fees. Unfortunately many car hire companies will add a number of fees to their price without telling you, which can leave you shocked once you return the vehicle and you are handed the final bill. One of the top ways companies accomplish this is not to offer the vehicle with unlimited kilometers, many charge you an additional fee per kilometer travelled, and this means that in addition to paying for fuel, you are also paying for every time you drive the vehicle.

Be upfront with the rental car company and ask them their fees, if you are booking for a set time period, ask them for a final amount. This can help you ensure there are no surprises at the end of your vacation or business trip.

Book in advance. Many companies will offer an “early bird” discount, which can help you save a considerably amount of your budget. As soon as you know your travel dates, get online and start looking for vehicle hire, the sooner you book, the higher your chances are of receiving a discounted price. If you leave it until you arrive at your destination, you will pay considerably more, especially when hiring at the airport where car hire is in high demand by others arriving that day.

The size of car is exceptionally important when trying to save money on a rental car. Look out for small and economical cars, even hybrid vehicles, which can enable you to drive long distances on limited fuel. Remember you are responsible for fuel and while you may receive the vehicle with some fuel, you will need to top up from time to time, which can be very expensive depending on where you are staying. Smaller and economical vehicles can save you money on fuel while you enjoy your independence and explore all the country has to offer.

Always determine what the inclusions are in the rental car deal you are looking at. Some companies will include all risk insurance or theft insurance, they may offer unlimited kilometers or they may throw in a GPS to help you get around. The more you can get out of the deal the better. Price shouldn’t play a large factor, while you are trying to pay as little as possible, you also want the best deal possible for the lowest price.

As you go through the internet searching for the best deals, the best way to save money is to take advantage of online deals. Many rental car companies offer discounted rates online, which are considerably less than if you wait until you arrive at the airport. You will find that booking online you can save cash, arriving at an airport and using the same company will cost more, which is why you book in advance and have your booking in writing before you arrive.

Before you choose any particular rental car company, you need to ensure the company has a good reputation, offer a reliable service and have extensive experience in the industry. They should offer you a choice of vehicles to suit your requirements and all vehicles should be serviced and well-maintained.